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Deep facial cleansing


Facial Treatments:

  1. SOTHYS deep facial cleansing: This treatment offers a profound cleaning experience using premium SOTHYS products designed to deeply cleanse the pores and remove all impurities. It’s an essential facial care that suits all skin types, perfect for maintaining a fresh look throughout the year.

  2. SOTHYS deep facial cleansing with MCCM ampoule: Elevate your facial cleansing with an MCCM ampoule that infuses the skin with concentrated active ingredients. This treatment targets specific skin concerns, providing a personalized skincare experience adaptable to all seasons.

  3. Diamond microdermabrasion: A non-invasive, mechanical exfoliation treatment that gently removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells using diamond-tipped technology. It's ideal for refreshing the skin’s appearance, helping to reduce the look of sun damage or minor scarring.

  4. Diamond microdermabrasion with cleansing: Combine the benefits of diamond-tip exfoliation with an additional cleansing step for a comprehensive skin refresh that can help you maintain a radiant complexion all year round.

  5. Ultrasonic facial cleansing: Utilizing high-frequency ultrasonic oscillation, this treatment cleanses the skin deeply, beyond what traditional methods can achieve. It's excellent for skin rejuvenation, suitable even in the summer months.

  6. Ultrasonic facial cleansing with ampoule: This option adds a powerful ampoule to the ultrasonic cleansing, providing a treatment that not only deeply cleanses but also delivers tailored skin nourishment suitable for any time of the year.


Service Price
SOTHYS Deep facial cleansing 19,00 €
SOTHYS Deep facial cleansing + MCCM ampoule 23,00 €
Diamond microdermabrasion 38,00 €
Diamond Microdermabrasion with Cleansing 50,00 €
Ultrasonic facial cleansing 25,00 €
Ultrasonic facial cleansing with ampoule 30,00 €

Facial biorevitalization


  1. Biorevitalization 1: This skin-rejuvenating treatment focuses on hydrating and restoring the skin's natural elasticity. It's a perfect choice to combat dryness in winter or to rejuvenate sun-exposed skin in the summer.

  2. Biorevitalization 2: Similar to the first, this version might include a different set of ingredients or methods to revive the skin. It's beneficial for those looking to maintain their skin's vitality throughout the year.

  3. Biorevitalization with phototherapy: A combined approach using skin revitalization techniques along with phototherapy to promote collagen production and improve overall skin health. This treatment can be particularly soothing after a day in the winter cold or a summer's day out.

  4. Phototherapy with MCCM ampoule: Phototherapy is paired with a tailored MCCM ampoule for a personalized skin treatment that addresses individual skin concerns. It's an all-season treatment that can help correct skin imperfections whenever they arise.

Service Price
Facial biorevitalization 1 34,00 €
Facial biorevitalization 2 48,00 €
Biorevitalization with phototherapy 50,00 €
Phototherapy with MCCM ampoule 25,00 €


Mesotherapy Treatments (Non-invasive 4D) - No Injections:

  1. Anti-aging Mesotherapy - A rejuvenating facial treatment designed to combat signs of aging without the use of injections. It employs a non-invasive device to infuse the skin with anti-aging ingredients, smoothing out wrinkles and improving skin tone, suitable for maintaining youthful skin during the summer and beyond.

  2. Hyperpigmentation Mesotherapy - This treatment targets dark spots and uneven skin tone using a special device that delivers brightening agents into the skin. It's perfect for addressing sun-induced hyperpigmentation and ensuring an even complexion throughout all seasons.

  3. Vitamin Boost Mesotherapy - An invigorating treatment that infuses the skin with a blend of vitamins and antioxidants to nourish and protect. It's excellent for repairing and fortifying the skin against environmental stresses, including the summer sun.

  4. Hydration Mesotherapy - Intensely hydrates the skin using a non-invasive method to penetrate moisturizing serums deep beneath the skin's surface. It's especially beneficial for restoring hydration after exposure to the summer heat, leaving the skin plump and radiant.

Service Price
Anti-ageing 45,00 €
Vitamin boost 30,00 €
Hydratation 22,00 €
Hyperpigmentation treatment 34,00 €

Miolift (Non-surgical Face Lift):


  1. Miolift for the face - A toning and lifting treatment that uses microcurrent technology to stimulate facial muscles, providing a lifted appearance without surgery. It's a fantastic way to rejuvenate the face for a summer-ready look.

  2. Miolift for the face with hydration - Combines the lifting effect of the Miolift with deep hydration, helping to keep the skin dewy and supple, even in the drying conditions of summer.

  3. Miolift for the face with Vitamin boost - This enhanced Miolift treatment not only lifts and tones the skin but also delivers a concentrated dose of vitamins, aiding in skin repair and protection, especially beneficial during the summer when the skin needs extra care.

  4. Miolift for the face with Anti-aging - The ultimate anti-aging experience, this treatment pairs the Miolift with anti-aging serums to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, ensuring a youthful glow all year round.


Service Price
Anti-ageing 50,00 €
Vitamin boost 35,00 €
Hydratation 30,00 €
Miolift 25,00 €

Body peeling


  1. Body peeling - This exfoliating treatment sloughs away dead skin cells, promoting a smoother and more radiant skin texture. It's ideal for preparing the skin for an even tan or for rejuvenating the skin after sun exposure.

  2. Partial body peeling - Similar to a full body peel but targeting specific areas, this treatment is great for addressing rough patches or dryness that can be accentuated by summer weather. It helps maintain smoothness where it's needed most.

Service Price
Body peeling 22,00 €
Partial body peeling 15,00 €
Thermal blanket + body peeling 32,00 €


Massage Treatments:


  1. Classic massage 90' - A traditional full-body massage that helps to release tension, promote relaxation, and improve circulation. It's a perfect way to unwind after a day of summer activities.

  2. Classic massage 60' - A 60-minute session of the classic full-body massage, providing an extended period of relaxation and muscle tension relief.

  3. Aroma massage 60' - Utilizing essential oils chosen for their therapeutic properties, this massage not only relieves stress but also enhances mental clarity, which is much needed during the hectic summer months.

  4. Lymphatic drainage 60' - This gentle massage technique encourages the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues. It's especially beneficial in the summer when the body can be more prone to swelling from heat.

  5. Partial lymphatic drainage 45' - Targeting specific areas, this massage helps reduce swelling and improve circulation in areas that may require more attention, such as the legs after extended travel or a long day of walking.

  6. Hot stone massage 60' - Heated stones are used to provide a deeply relaxing and muscle-soothing experience. The warmth is perfect for easing any summer-induced muscle tension or pain.

  7. Reflexology foot massage 45' - A focused massage that applies pressure to specific points on the feet corresponding to other parts of the body. It's great for restoring energy after exploring summer destinations.

  8. Reflexology foot massage with spa paraffin 60' - Enhancing the reflexology experience, the warm paraffin treatment soothes and softens the feet, providing extra care particularly appreciated during sandal-wearing summer days.

  9. Head, face, and décolletage massage 30' - Concentrating on the head, face, and chest, this massage is excellent for relieving stress and tension in areas that are often exposed to the summer sun.

  10. Office massage (Partial) 40' - A targeted massage designed to relieve stress and tension in the back, neck, and shoulders, perfect for a mid-day break from summer work schedules.

  11. Warm massage 60' - A therapeutic massage using warm elements to soothe and relax muscles, ideal for easing transitions from active summer days to restful evenings.

  12. Sports massage 60' - Aimed at athletes or anyone with an active lifestyle, this massage helps prevent and treat injuries, as well as enhance overall athletic performance, keeping you in top shape for summer sports and activities.



Service Duration Price A package of 4 treatments
Classic massage 90 min 35,00 € /
Classic massage 60 min 27,00 € 100,00 €
Aroma massage 60 min 34,00 € 120,00 €
Lymphatic Drainage 60 min 34,00 € 120,00 €
Lymphatic Drainage partial 45 min 20,00 € /
Hot stone massage 60 min 30,00 € 100,00 €
Reflexology foot massage 45 min 22,00 € /
Reflexology foot massage with spa paraffin 60 min 25,00 € /
Head, face, and décolletage massage 30 min 13,00 € /
Office massage 40 min 20,00 € 70,00 €
Warm massage 60 min 30,00 € 100,00 €
Sports massage 60 min 30,00 € 100,00 €

Couple treatment


1. Romantic relaxation package

Description: This package includes a classic massage for both partners, creating a romantic and relaxing experience. Upon arrival, you are welcomed with a glass of champagne. The ambiance is enhanced with candles and soothing music, setting the perfect mood for relaxation. Additionally, a small surprise gift adds to the charm of the experience.


 2. Aromatic love package

Description: This indulgent package features an aromatic massage with essential oils for both partners. The private space is adorned with floral arrangements, creating a serene and romantic atmosphere. Refreshing fruit cocktails and sparkling wine complement the experience. Personalized gifts are also included, making it a truly memorable occasion.


3. Warm sunset package

Description: The Warm Sunset Package offers a warm massage (using stones or oils) for both partners. It's a perfect way to unwind and connect. The package includes a snack accompanied by warm beverages. Relaxing music and aromatic diffusers add to the tranquil environment. Surprise gifts are also part of this soothing experience.


Each of these packages is thoughtfully designed to provide a unique and delightful experience for couples, making them ideal for special occasions or simply as a way to spend quality time together.

Service Duration Price
Relaxing package for two 90 min 60,00 €
Love package for two 120 min 80,00 €
Warm sunset 90 min 70,00 €

Individual treatment


1. Classic zen package

Description: This package includes a classic massage for overall relaxation. It also features a body peeling using natural ingredients to rejuvenate and refresh the skin. The experience is completed with relaxation time in a quiet room accompanied by meditative music, perfect for achieving a state of Zen.


2. Aromatic pleasure
Description: Indulge in an aromatic massage with selected essential oils for a sensory experience. This package also includes a gentle facial peel using mild aromatic ingredients. A tea break with a selection of organic teas provides a moment of tranquility and relaxation.


3. Warm delight

Description: Experience the soothing effects of a warm massage using thermal oils. This package also offers a foot peel, followed by a warm paraffin treatment for the feet. It's a perfect choice for those seeking relaxation and pampering for tired feet.


These packages are carefully crafted to offer a range of relaxing and rejuvenating experiences, suitable for anyone looking to unwind and enjoy some personal care time.

Service Duration Price
Zen treatment 90 min 40,00 €
Aromatic pleasure 120 min 55,00 €
Warm delight 90 min 45,00 €

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